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High Fidelity - Track 3: I Only Have Eyes For You

Ameena Green

An Exclusive Teen Pies Ameena Green Scene

High Fidelity (Part 3 of 3): After visiting her exes and looking inward, Ameena realizes maybe she has a lot of growing to do. Her encounters with her past lovers have shined a light on some of her toxic qualities, which she hopes to eradicate in the new year. She can’t even bring herself to hook up with Ken, realizing it would be immature. But what if the love she’s been looking for was in front of her all along? Rion enters the room and makes his move, embracing Ameena and taking her into his arms, caressing her tenderly. This new sensation feels so right. Despite being long-time friends, Rion and Ameena have never tried acting on the spark they share. But now, with Rion moving his hands delicately over Ameena’s body, working his way from her petite breasts down to her wet pussy, she feels more connected to him than ever. Their sexual chemistry is otherworldly. As Rion fucks his best friend, he can feel their connection strengthening. This feels like the start of a love they’ve been waiting for.

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