Free Porn Video feat. Fiona Frost

A Remedy for Blue Balls

Fiona Frost and Jill Taylor

An Exclusive Teen Pies Fiona Frost Scene

Josh calls his best friend, Jill, in the middle of the night. He’s got a serious case of blue balls and needs to bust a nut ASAP before he loses his mind. Jill is interested in women but is willing to help her friend out. She doesn’t tell her girlfriend, Fiona, but Jill is going to let Josh fuck her to his heart’s content. Josh takes the opportunity right away and fucks the sweet babe. It’s always been a fantasy of his to fuck a lesbian, let alone his best friend. She looks fantastic getting dicked down, and she even finds herself enjoying the sex a lot. It’s fun getting fucked now and then, and she lets Josh bust a big load inside of her. As the cum drips out of her pussy, Josh can feel his blue balls and his stress melting away - hey, what are friends for!

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