Creampie From My Boyfriends Dad
Starring: Nikki Knightly
It is always nice when someone lets you in on a story they have not told too many people. It makes you feel exclusive and lets you know that there is some juicy dirt that they do not want getting out. That is the kind of story Nikki Knightly is telling us, and it is definitely full of all the kinds of twists and turns we like. She has a boyfriend whose dad is one of the biggest flirts she has ever met. He always walks by and grabs her ass in the kitchen, and even though at first it is a little strange, she likes it. She ends up taking the bait with this flirty dad and fucks him in every position in the kitchen. She downs his cock with two hands and her teen throat, taking it inside of her from on top of the counter, and letting him fill her pussy with the same cum that made her boyfriend. Now is that some twisted shit or what? Oh well, if Nikki does not mind, neither do we! Do you think Nikki is a dirty slut for fucking her boyfriends dad? Let us know in the comments